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There is no strict requirement for having done any programming before attending the bootcamp. That said, it is very beneficial to have had prior programming experience. All attendees are required to complete a thorough precourse assignment (20-40 hours of work) on the fundamentals of Python. This assignment covers quite a lot of material, from basic data types through classes and object-oriented programming. You will even build a fully-functioning poker application complete with a rules-based AI. Having completed all the exercises and projects in this assignment, you will be very well prepared for the bootcamp.
The Python programming language is used for the entirety of the bootcamp.
It is far better to excel at a single language than to have cursory knowledge of several. A good analogy is to compare programming languages to natural languages. Knowing many natural languages at an elementary level will allow you to communicate but will make it difficult to get a job in the real world. At a minimum, you must be fluent in a single natural language to succeed in the workforce. Similarly, it is very helpful to be fluent in a single programming language. Knowing one language inside and out will allow you to complete a tremendous amount of tasks. Programming languages are much more similar than natural languages, so learning the concepts of one will generally apply to many other programming languages.

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