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Dunder Data

Dunder Data is a professional training company dedicated to teaching the foundations of data science and machine learning. Dunder Data founder Ted Petrou teaches all classes and writes all the material. He is a very enthusiastic instructor and an active participant when students are working on assignments both inside and outside the classroom. Ted's material is very thorough and contains hundreds of practice problems and projects with detailed solutions. 


Who we are

Ted is the author of Pandas Cookbook, a highly rated and comprehensive text for exploring real-world data. He enjoys building data exploration tools and is the author of the Dexplo and Dexplot Python libraries. He founded the Houston Data Science Meetup group where he has conducted dozens of free tutorials. Before founding Dunder Data, he worked as a data scientist at Schlumberger where he spent the vast majority of his time exploring data. Ted received his Master's degree in statistics from Rice University and used his analytical skills to play poker professionally and teach math before becoming a data scientist.

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Why program with us?

 Hands-on Programming

All classes contain hundreds of exercises with detailed solutions. The majority of the time you will have your hands on the keyboard programming and not sitting there watching a powerpoint lecture.

 Constantly Updated

The latest updates to all the popular data science libraries such as Pandas, Scikit-Learn, and Matplotlib are incorporated into the material.


Our classes are consistently priced lower than our competitors.

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